Musings of a littered mind

I think I’ll use this blog to write about some books and films that I read and see. I like to use my other senses too, but I don’t think I’d be good at writing about music, food or sex. So you’ll just have to put up with one sense out of five.
Before I begin a list of some books and films I love, as well as music I’m listening to at the moment.


The Departed- Martin Scorsese. One of the sexiest films ever made.
Blink – Michael Apted. A truly crap film. But with a great scene. Woman lies dead in a bath tub, killed in the routine of a serial killer who likes leaving gold crosses round their necks. The police crime scene is all around, taking forensic photographs in their white boiler suits. Next, the detective sways in, and says, in an accent only a New Yorker can do: “So, Lady, you gonna tell me who did this to you?” “Oh well, your funeral.”
Sweet Sixteen – Ken Loach. Loach has done some great films, but I love this film for showing the potential people have and how badly they can mess it up, and how much this relies on the parents and other people around. I like it as it is truly Scotland: the beautiful scenery and the ugly lives.
Croupier– Mike Hodges. Clive Owen. Nuff said.
La Mala Educacion– Pedro Almodovar. I really like Almodovar’s films- tie me up, tie me down and talk to her being my other favourites, but it’s in Bad Education that Gael Garcia Bernal (of Amores Perros fame) steals the show. He wasn’t just playing a transvestite, he was a transvestite. It really brought me into the film. I loved it.

to be continued…


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