Léon (or The Professional) – Luc Besson – is one of my favourite films of all time. Because of the absence of male figures I guess growing up I never really ‘got’ how to relate to men, and this movie always really gets me, how the outwardly precocious girl (Natalie Portman) and the hitman (Jean Reno) can fall in love. It is so beautiful I always cry at the end. I even had the final song play at my wedding- Shape of my Heart by Sting. Even now I can see the final credits, Mathilda patting the earth down around Leon’s beloved plants. The film, as with all forms of media I appreciate, really draws me in. I have felt like Mathilda, trying to be older than I was, and I have felt like Leon, as though I am apart from the world. I also like the pill-popping neck-cracking psycho that is Gary Oldman!


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