Last night I was out at the cricket club do, it was good fun, but I hate that when you’re lying in bed and thinking, oh God, I did that, and I did that, and I did that! ahhhhhhh! it doesn’t really matter to anyone else but it matters if I did something I wouldn’t have done when sober, like smoke or injure other people! Och well. This morning I felt a bit like a hooker coming back from my mates house in my dress and heels at 11am and walking home through town, but it was a really nice bus journey that number 18, beautiful villages! I feel sad today though- tiredness, hungover, missing C, not really thinking that tomorrow will be any better. This may be the first time I have ever said this, especially on a Saturday, but I wish it were Monday! Then I would be busy and there would be lots of people around. Ach well, I’ll get over it. Working in the pub tonight so hopefully that’ll cheer me up. Would rather go round W’s and play on a PS3 though! iTunes is doing my head in as you have to allow other computers to play your music even if you’re not adding the files but just connecting through the network- it’s not like I’m trying to steal it, i’m just trying to listen to it in the lab! grrrr. Mmmm, chocolate biscuits here i come!


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