C has left like a thousand cds in my room and I was rooting through them just now to find la ritournelle by Sebastian Tellier, only after an hour to realise it’s a single on an album called politics. It’s a lovely song, I’ve just finished listening to it, twice. I found some other CDs with nice names/ covers (yeah, how else do i decide what to listen to out of hundreds?) so at the moment I’m listening to Relaxin with Cherry off the album a grand love story by Kid Loco.

Other albums I have pulled out and will hopefully import into itunes over the next few days:
Bright Eyes Motion Sickness
Lou Reed Transformer
Psapp The only thing I ever wanted
Mum finally we are no-one
some album by lemon jelly with a well cool cover
the album leaf one day I’ll be on time
Rebelski Stickers on Keys
Mazzy Star So tonight that I might see
Unkle edit music for a film
O brother where art though sound track
trainspotting sound track
the album leaf seal beach
the album leaf in a safe place
lock, stock and two smoking barrels soundtrack
siant etienne present songs for mario’s cafe
nightmares on wax mind elevation
quantic the 5th exotic
DJ shadow diminishing returns
a musical curriculum from the handsome boy modelling school
bloc party a weekend in the city
baby bird ugly beautiful
mogwai happy songs for happy people
massive attack blue lines

so that should keep me busy! and that’s just a few! I need a new hard drive!!!!!!!


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