so I spoke to a welfare dean from college last week, speaking to another on Monday. basically he said yeah she’s out of order, that she’s bullying me, that for whatever issues she has she’s taking them out on me and it’s not on. and I am allowed 5 weeks holiday a year so from a college perspective i can go since i’ve tried 3 times to arrange a convenient date to no avail…

I think it will make me work hard, knowing I gotta prove myself before i see C. I don’t like working in the lab alone, i.e. this morning, it makes me depressed. actually I just dont like being lonely, who does, but i wanted to get out asap even though I had nothing else to do. still here though, it’s good to think positively and think all this work will hopefully turn out a phd in the end and at least stop them from kicking me out if i go on holiday.

spoke to C’s mum too, she works in human resources up north and deals with grievances at work etc, she said I have to keep a record and have someone sign, not necessarily as a witness, but just to show that i wrote a certain thing on a certain day. I wonder if this blog can be like that, but maybe you can change the date easily or something, i dunno. Anyways, jane made a joke infront of everyone about me falling out my top on Friday, for the record, W laughed he is her little lap dog sometimes. I just said I didnt understand what she was talking about.

I just want to get on with my work but I think it’s good to prepare incase anything happens, but first I have to try standing up to her, but I dont want my life made hell, which it could be if she gets seriously pissed off. och well, can’t wait to be rid.


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