this is a well cool blog:
I saw it mentioned in the blogger main page. I want the book now.
the main story was about this :
but I don’t think it’s as good. I think i am just nosey.

Good things this week: winning prizes at the cricket night out.
finding a tenner on the way home.
talking to the dean
getting an email from my friend lisa.
talking to C a lot and nice emails and texts
getting flowers at work
eating toffee cake

Bad things this week:
W saying I would get in trouble if I went to Oz and saying I shouldnt go
cloning something that was contamination
having a bitchy woman shout at me about my bike falling on her car
eating too much chocolate
going to a exercise class that stressed me out
my boss giving me clothes- this wasnt really bad she was trying to be nice but it was weird and I get annoyed with myself for not telling her I didnt want them and taking them and being nice back when I am supposed to be working on standing up to her, whatever she does!!

so overall a good week, and like someone else’s blog I read today, if those are the worst things that happened to me then I am pretty lucky!


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