Sunday night

Hello, it’s Sunday night here. Today was remembrance Sunday. I watched the service on TV while at the pub, it made me feel sad. I remember being told when I was wee that we must remember so that nothing like the world wars ever happens again. But that’s not true, is it? People are still cruel, people still abuse power, humans kill other humans just because some one else tells them to. So I think it is sad.

Sometimes I feel stupid writing stuff: things annoy me that don’t mean anything to anyone else, it makes me feel a bit small and immature and stupid. Some things make me happy that don’t mean anything to anyone else, but that doesn’t make me feel so stupid, sometimes it’s nice.

I guess I should start a proper diary like when I was wee, it is nice to get all the stupid thoughts out your head and not be embarassed or ashamed about anything, but then maybe it’s good to realise that your thoughts dont really count for that much and are a bit stupid, stops you being self-obsessed or allowing the fact you are writing stuff down to justify the way you think or the actions you take.

stupid thoughts i had today:
1. i read somewhere that spots can be caused by too much acid in your stomach so I ate a rennie
2. does c changing his profile pic so that it doesnt have us in it mean something?
3. why doesn’t my auntie answer the phone? is she dead?
4. is it illegal to look at porn?

Ok, so honesty sesh is over. While I was typing those points I deleted them and retyped them because I felt embarassed writing them. I think it is good though to sometimes be human and embarassed and point out to yourself that you are an eedjit. I still feel embarassed though.


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