Same old shit, different day

Yeah, the boss pissed me off again today. First after last time at lit search picking on me to do a paper, this time I prepared both and made notes (and everything, lalala) and she didnt ask me, but I did one any way. and then she said to everyone after I had presented “oh don’t listen to her, ignore everything she said” or some other rubbish. WHATEVA!! then later I was asking her advice about some cloning I am trying to do and basically 1. she didnt give a shit and 2. she made me feel like shit because I was obviously in the wrong having not done controls (which werent necessary, it’s a standard transformation, and that’s not what I was asking about anyways) and told me stupid stuff to do that I am not going to do anyways. i am just going to ignore her and not go to her with questions. I know I said this earlier but i really dont hold grudges, or try not too, and I do think she is sometimes trying to be nice but then when i try i just feel what is the fucking point. Ok rant over, I went for a run after work with my mate and bitched and it felt good! I am going to have some pasta for dinner and phone my auntie (again) and mum. I will have to pay out some money tonight for my rent, maybe I can ask my mum to pay one month’s rent for me for my christmas and birthday combined? actually my christmas and birthday combined for the next 3 years? I am such a consumer, i keep wanting to buy stuff at the mo, it’s either that or eat choc, whats with this obsession with stuff? i’m just stressed a bit i guess working hard in the lab then trying to do loadsa sport and see friends and earn a wee bit of money… cant wait for hols! can’t wait for Oz! woohooo!!!


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