Yeah, in Queen’s college comp room now, of course it’s macs and not PCs. I love macs, i do, I’m a convert, but these are the shitty old ones where you gotta press down on the keys like it’s mechanically being burnt into the screen. Anyways. I went to London on Tuesday, did a media course, teaching scientists to be able to write press releases and talk on the radio without sounding like absolute numpties. Made me realise that 1. being a journo is cool but kinda dangerous if you, like me, pretty much say what you feel. 2. the work I am doing in my PhD is so completely and utterly boring and useless and will never help anyone or get in the news. No-one is going to ask me for a radio interview about ferns. Not just that my voice isn’t really made for radio, and I wouldn’t really say I’m made for TV either, but working on leaf development in ferns is not going to revolutionise any form of science, cure cancer, stop balding in men or women getting fat, nothing to do with AIDS or health or appearance or understanding of evolution in general (which I sometimes bullshit about, but man I am taking photos of leaves and making them look pretty, what the fuck?). I tried to get away in the course by saying that maybe it will help us understand how limited evolution is and therefore how plants may be able or not to respond to climate change. but who am I kidding. I dont know fuck all about anything and the world is shafted anyways. Happy days!

Didnt do much work the last few days, when I feel like what I do is pointless it feels pretty useless to lift up a pipette, especially as the work I do is shite anyways, i.e. maybe if i was really interested in whether fern leaves are as determinate as flowering plant leaves I still wouldnt be able to find anything cos I am better at dancing round the lab than generating any data. and here a shout out to CDV for sometime shaking those american hips i will def acknowledge your dancing in my thesis if I ever fucking write one. top notch.

anyhoo, by the way, blah di blah, hi de hi, maybe I will down convert to master and then try to get a job doing science shit at the bbc or summat, whatever, i am crap at writing too, maybe i should cash it all in now and pimp my body to medical research. yeah.

Ok gotta go that dude is here and i’m away. I want a degree though for these past 2-3 fuck off years, and i’m not leaving without one!


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