la la la

Hello. Well today I went to work and realised it was D’s bday so went out and got a card and some cakes as we usually celebrate peeps bdays in the lab, usually we are more prepared as r the technician reminds us like 2 weeks in advance, but she’s away so I went to sort out the birthday events. I also quite like D (on a good day, mind!) so it was all fine and he likes the same cakes as me so even better. Anyways, was feeling good, but of course the boss had to be a twat and first of all point out infront of him that we didnt have a card, so I said well we do BG can you give it to her afterwards? And then she had to say the card was shite and that I am crazy or something for choosing it, that it wasn’t funny, she kept going on about it. This was a minute after chastising me for taking the other half of the slice of cake she cut in half, god sake if you want it take it otherwise it’s up for grabs… cutting slices in half too, mentalist! As well as making me feel like a fatty with that look of her. so what I’d rather be a fatty and me than her. Anyways… I told her that I bought the card and the cakes and if she doesnt like that then someone else can do it and to stop giving me shit about it! I didnt really think of what I was saying or I probably wouldnt have said it but she was getting on my tits and anyways I am quite glad I did now cos I never stand up to her. D sent me a nice email too so I felt Ok about it. Anyways, she left moaning about armando (someone else for a change) saying that he was not discreet handing the card to her infront of D- she’d already fucking said right infront of him where’s his card, oh god i can’t believe how insance she is, where the hell am I working? and some people act like it’s normal, oh, please take me now!!!
I have my lab meeting tomorrow, and I know she’ll bollock me whatever i do, or patronise me, or embarass me, or just try and put me down in some snide way she thinks in her janeworld of hers that is funny. yeah, I’ll be fucking laughing too. ha bloody fuck off ha.

Ok, enough swears for today, over and out


2 thoughts on “la la la

  1. She sounds as if she has a few issues. I hate doing the birthday things. I suck at it. I’m on for tomorrow’s bday celebrations….bugger….what to buy at Woolworths??? (well, you didn’t think I was going to COOK anything!!!???)

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