meme all about me me

So the lovely lady Arizaphale over at “Now where did I put that flaming sword?” has tagged me for a meme. Since I am not really into blog culture I dont have anyone else to tag but I will put my own facts in. So here is what she sent me:

Here are the rules:

1. Link to the person that tagged you.
2. Post the rules.
3. Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself.
4. “Tag” 7 people at the end of the post and include links to their blogs.
5. Let each person know that you tagged them.

So these are Arizaphale’s facts, followed by mine!

1. I used to drink chardonnay but now I drink sauvignon blanc…..with ice. Stops me from getting too ‘tired’ or dehydrated.

2. I am the only person in my house who refills the toilet roll holders.

3. I have a strawberry birthmark on my back. When I was born it was the size of my mother’s thumb print. Now it’s a doozy!! Still, I can’t see it so it doesn’t bother me. Actually, I quite like it…not everyone has one!

4. I am a Thursday’s child. Apparently I have far to go.

5. I saw ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ when I was fifteen. I wanted to be Frankenfurter.

6.The only medal or prize I ever won for sport was 1991 Ladies Slalom Champion,
Cabramurra Ski Club. There were four people in the competition.

7. I can count the number of car accidents I’ve had on two hands and one foot. But hey! I’ve driven a LOT of kilometres over the years. There’s got to be a statistical probability involved here, right??

1. My first 3 boyfriends had nicknames like animals – Donkey, then Fish, then Snoop Dogg. yeah.

2.Sometimes i play the game that if I get out the door of the lab before the UV crosslinker beeps then my experiments will work…

3. When I was wee I took £5 from my sister’s savings in a box shaped like a piano that she had, I still feel bad about it.

4.One time at school I sat beside this boy called Andrew in physics class. He had a big nose and I fancied him. His friends broke into his emails and sent me a message saying that he felt the same and we should meet. I was happy but then realised when I went to school the next day that it was a joke. I don’t hate them anymore.

5.I like most of my mum’s food but once she made soup with kale and it had little black beetles in it. I refused to eat it.

6. It is scary when on the loch to look down through the clear water and see the seaweed swaying, you don’t know what it’s hiding.

7. I actually quite like the pain of being waxed.


2 thoughts on “meme all about me me

  1. BUT excellent idea!!!!!!!!!!!!! To start with I thought you were going to be really left field and JUST post the photos! But the facts are v entertaining too.
    Re: #4… see in my day they just wrote notes and you could tell it wasn’t his handwriting…usually…unless you were so ball tearingly in love that you WANTED it to be his handwriting…
    Re #5…..this is why I leave cooking to Himself……
    Re #3….did she miss it? No?….then build a bridge :-)…I once hit my sister in the mouth with my school bag…she still mentions it when we’re drunk.

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