It’s advent now. I had not really noticed- the lead up to Christmas is my favourite time of year and when I was young I used to love opening the windows on my advent calendar, always paper they’re more exciting- i never saw the enjoyment of a chocolate one, you always know what you’re going to get and eating chocolate at breakfast always made me feel a bit bad…
However, now I am busy and not in school making decorations or at uni going to Christmas parties, so now Advent seems to have been sprung on me, and rather than ‘oh there’s ages til Christmas’ i think ‘crap, so much to do, so little time’. I still get that magic feeling though, and peace and goodwill to all men.

In the Uk now there’s a debate about political correctness and Christmas celebrations, there are stories of different councils in England renaming Christmas parties ‘Winter festival’ for fear of offending non-Christians, and of ditching the traditional nativity play in school in favour of “Reindeer Ralph” .
So jesus is offensive but santa isn’t? isn’t santa claus a derivation of saint nikkolas, and thus a christian tradition, anyways? I am not offended when Muslims celebrate Eid or Jews Chanukah, and I don’t think they are offended when I celebrate Christmas. I am not a practising Christian at all, but I have been brought up in a Christian culture, and so celebrating Easter and Christmas are normal for me, and for British culture in general I think (along with Guy Fawkes- no-one is considering changing that are they?). I don’t think it is people of other cultures being against British traditions, as I assume they are like me and want to find out about and enjoy as many excuses for a party as possible, I think it’s people scared of offending others for fear of being called a racist.
As i said before I went off on one, I’m not a practising Christian but I like Christmas, i dont want to forget the advent carols, I want an advent calendar with a picture of Jesus at door 24, it’s part of my culture and tradition and history and I think it is much better than thinking of Christmas as just rudlophs and santas and jingle bell rocks.

To keep a diary of things Jane is saying to me, yesterday she called me a psycho bitch for knowing what I want in advance to eat when we go out for our Christmas lunch next week (we have to order in advance, and having eaten there before, I know what I like, what’s wrong with that?) Then when i didnt understand something in the lab meeting, I got into a discussion-cum- argument with her- I find her so aggressive it brings out the aggressive streak in me. and I’m not very good with English or explaining my thoughts, so i probably didn’t do myself any favours. I’m trying to stand up to her too, probably didnt do it the best way… Anyways, she kept going on all day about how i had got her blood pressure up and that she couldn’t relax bla blah blah and I tried to say when she came up to me for the 3rd time that I was just trying to understand and not argue for the sake of it and she said next time I have to write down my questions and wait til the end- so i’m not allowed to ask questions or get into discussions! isn’t that what lab meeting is all about? and when I tried to explain what I had been trying to say she just kept asking me if I heard what she said- that I had to bring a notebook- och what a power struggle. I am over it. i was over it after the meeting but she kept bringing it up and telling other people how I had made her ill or whatver! Even W said to her that I had just been trying to understand, but she just made sighing and angry noises, but he patted me on the back. D said she was a nutter for calloing my a psycho bitch- that she picks on me or lashes out at me but not other people- for what, I don’t know.. (now i have I shot the sherriff in my head…)


3 thoughts on “Advent

  1. maybe you should tell her that unless you can fully participate in lab meetings you don’t see the point in going! what a psycho bitch! I think you are right to try to stand up to her. At the start it will be hard, but eventually you will find the words to be eloquent. Don’t give up! She is just a bully and the more you stand up for yourself the more her ridiculous behaviour will be highlighted.

  2. I am glad that you still enjoy the Christmas traditions. I too love Christmas season. Now I get to see my kids open the windows on the advent calender.

  3. I think you have to realise that the issues here are hers not yours. ‘She is more to be pitied than censured'(can’t remember who said that).
    On a cheerful note…Christmas…yay!

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