Today I stayed in bed til around 3, finally got dressed at 330. I was just tired and I couldnt be bothered to get out of bed. If I’m preparing my body for Oz then I’m going the wrong way about it- waking at midday and going to sleep at 3am is like waking at 9pm and going to sleep at midday on a Perth schedule. I should get up at 1am and go to bed at 2pm, then 10am and 11pm in Perth. Whatever, my body clock will be fucked from being awake on flights for 24hrs anyways…

No replies from any prof yet, except hugh to say it’s good to have the cards on the table, whatever they are, but that he’s on holiday and will be back on the 11th or something. Jane and Miltos are on holiday, and Robert, I dont know where he is.

Waiting is annoying, and I have absolutely no motivation to do anything at work, as it is crap (I am crap) anyways but I might get kicked out in a week or two anyways…

So i’ve been looking at jobs online, really I’ll do anything as long as I am kept busy, the more I have to do the more I like it, if I can be creative too i like that, and I like helping people in a practical way, I like working with people. I like organising things and I like talking. I like physical work too. hmm… what can I be?

after reading job descriptions etc on a couple of things look good, maybe?
– paramedic, location manager, pr marketing executive, forensic scientist, features editor.

But I dont know if I can do any of these jobs, if any are available in Oxfordshire, and if they start off with me earning more than £1000 per month (I’m guessing £16,000 pa before tax?) and have the option to increase my salary later… I also want them to be fun. man, am I asking too much? . . .

so back in bed now writing this on my comp, i am so lazy. on a diet for oz too, but I am not a very healthy eater, just trying to eat less. It takes concentration though, but I only need to do that for the next 3 weeks. THREE WEEKS!!! I’m so excited I’ve started packing already…


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