sorry, just looked back at my first posts and realised I started blogging about books and movies etc but this has now turned into a profanity ridden melodrama
Ok, once some of the drama in my life is over i hope to get back to blogging about some more sane things, so thanks for putting up with me those of you who have stuck this far


2 thoughts on “sorry

  1. Whew. I just did a bit of catching up!
    a) Well, what did you expect from Jane?

    b) You are dead right. Academics cannot conceive of anyone NOT wanting to be like them. I have had this discussion with my Dad and I think he finally ‘gets’ it.

    c) I don’t think you are crazy…or depressed… seem like a perfectly sane if slightly psychotic character to me. You may need to get over this ‘I’m crap’ thing though. It’s not pretty and boys don’t like it. 😉

    d)The weather here is great

    e)It’s amazing how something I reeeeally hated when it started (ie the period) I really miss now that its going…….go figure

    f) whatever will be will be and you will deal with it. there are any number of paths in life and the deviation from one to another cannot be seen as failure…simply as part of the journey. I’ve had my share of changing direction and trust me, you know when you end up in the place you’re meant to be. Events manager sounds good…..

  2. hey, thanks for your messages! I know, I am quite poor me, poor me on this blog. I hope I’m not like that too much in real life, I guess I can write here what is going on in my head more but I should get over it, after all I am amazing…
    I do sound a bit of a nutter on this blog too… I guess I use it to vent my frustration, and like with any diary, when your day went OK, you don’t tend to comment on it, but when you’re angry or frustrated you go off on one, or at least I do. Not long til I go to Oz now cant wait!

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