cheggs eggs

I have just eaten a giant bowl of-
lots of cornflakes
1 king size mars bar
5 dairy milk bars
2 100g bags of mini eggs
1 small bag of mini creme eggs
all melted into one. I did share it with my two (yes, 2) housemates but I did eat the most. I am now going to be sick. not literally, well maybe I’ll feel like it, but yuck yuck yuck after yum yum yum. should have just cooked dinner really… oh well
going to Oz a week tomorrow, and my healthy plan aint working (see above). More like beach belly than beach body, yeah…
anyways things sorting themselves at work. dont have to talk to jane any more, at least no longer to have meetings alone or tell her everything. going for suspension of status and she is just going to be told this I think, I’m not to ask her or have a meeting to decide, hugh and miltos have decided that’s best.
so probably til september i’ll be working in a job doing something, dont know what, but hopefully will have enough money to live. and then I can start work in miltos lab or with angela etc on some project, which I hopefully will start off slowly coming in at weekends from Easter, and doing reading etc, and I can still decide to suspend another term or more in september if i’m not ready, or convert to masters or leave then, if I decide I dont actually like it (or like my temp job better I guess…)
so if anyone knows of a job needing doing from feb 11th- september….
Had more training tonight too for the helpline, it was good. Another new fact I didn’t know and some might find shocking, that it is more likely to orgasm through rape than through consensual sex. if you want to know the reasons why you can message me. so it is a bit hardcore but you learn a lot, about rape and abuse etc but also about yourself. it is quite relaxing sitting in a calm room with 14 other women and talking openly about things, it is nice to have women that work together and think similarly rather than having alpha females like Jane who try to put other women (or maybe it was just me) down.
I hope one day I can help people on this helpline, and other volunteers have jobs I think I would quite like, or think are really good jobs to have- e.g. one is a worker with the Terrence Higgins trust, educating asylum seekers, prisoners and young people about living with or preventing AIDS. Another works for Oxfam. Another worked for Women’s aid, another is a nurse, another a lawyer, another an army PTSD counsellor. It makes you think about how you are helping people in your line of work- not really when I work on evolution of leaf development I think! Maybe I can work for some charities in the next 9 months? Would be cool.
Will let you know if this works out, hope it does, but if not then that’s OK too, I hope to be able to separate out how bad I’ve been feeling the past few months and see what I can attribute to my relationship with jane, my project not working, my area of research, and an academic career in general. then I can decide what I want to do, if the PhD is for me or not.
sleepy but too much chocolate. D I think you need to explain complementation to the students… and gene isolation… and mapping… fun for you!!!!


2 thoughts on “cheggs eggs

  1. Onwards and upwards 🙂 Sounds like its all good there. Creme eggs have always been a source of amazement for me. What sicko thought of making creamy, sugary stuff that looks like a REAL EGG!!!!!!!

  2. dude – you are a harsh marker. i just spent an hour explaining to undergrads why you are such a b**ch… and chocolate piggie

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