hello, tired just now but gonny try and pack (again) before going to bed, just so I know what is missing and can buy it tomorrow! zzzzzz
hopefully work is going to be resolved now (despite jane telling people that I want to quit). I am hopefully going to suspend status til September and then go and work on another project in another lab, but at least the time will let me think about whether I want to do this and get some confidence back. Will see recruitment agency tomorrow and see if I can get a job, doing anything! But hopefully all will be sorted before I go away…

tried to extend my holiday but cos I bought the cheapest flight ever (hope I wont be flapping my own arms in a banana box for 22 hrs) I cant change my return date. I could have changed my flight there but they have no free seats on which to change on to.

did more training today, tiring but good, I think I did OK on the line apart from talking too much maybe, but I felt good afterwards. I talked a lot in the session today, I had lots to say. We learnt about self harm and I learnt a lot of new things that I didn’t know, or haven’t thought about, as I do at every session. Oh and I got my job as a gynae model for med students! £30 an hour, wahey!

I cant remember what else I was going to write, but will do another time, just glad things are sorting out and looking forward to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppppppppppppp


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