back in the UK

back in the UK, arrived about 640 this morning. trying to stay awake til at least 9pm tonight so I can get back on UK time ASAP. Oz was great though, will hopefully post some piccies up here, but it was hot (and I did complain that it was too hot on some occassions) and sunny and I got burnt after like 10 mins in the sun (what is WITH it) but all was good caught big crabs, didnt see many big insects, got to hang out with my boyfriend and eat pizza and drink beer (why is other alcohol so expensive?) and swim in pools and sea and pretend that I was using monopoly money so that it wasn’t costing me anything….
will hopefully post more but v v tired now and still feel as though my body is on the plane… hope your lives have been going well looking forward to catching up on some blog reading


4 thoughts on “back in the UK

  1. Thanks for the Cherry Ripes! Hopefully you sampled some of them yourself! Can you ever be too hot? I can’t remember the last time I was. I am looking forward to that feeling again. Can’t wait to see more of your photos.

  2. I can relate to ‘too hot’!! It was 39C here two days ago 😦
    Thanks for your comments on my site. I agree with you that two parents can totally stuff it up. Just look at my family! The only well adjusted normal kid is my daughter raised with just a mother. (of course I could be biased…. but many people do comment on it…..but then again they are all relatives…hmm)
    I have been disgracing myself online in your absence. Follow the links on CDV’s post about underwhelmed. I must stop drinking.
    Glad you had a great time.

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