feel a bit strange just now- still slightly motion sick with jet lag (yeah I know I’m weird) also drank too much and did stupid things as usual last night, and then doing volunteering today and working on the line tonight, listening in. A really difficult call, some horrific things happening out there…

so just want to relax, wish I had a bath! I am such a numpty I wish i wasnt such a moron when drunk, I do things I would not do when sober! what a fuck wit. and then I beat myself up loads about it and tell myself i’m stupid and feel down. and then felt like i was a retard in training and on the line…

also new job tomorrow, hope I am OK by then and all positive,

Ok off to watch some crap tv, blogging about how I feel makes me feel a bit better so sorry you guys I did say I would stop moaning! just a little bit here and there!!!


3 thoughts on “hard

  1. I always used to feel guilty when I heard the Billy Joel song ‘Bigshot’…it’s why I put ice in my drinks now…..didn’t help the other night when dealing with ‘underwhelmed’ though did it?
    Keen to hear about new job.

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