Guess what

Guess what. It’s OK to not do a PhD or even a masters. It doesn’t make me stupid to not have a PhD or masters. It’s OK to want to do something else and admit lab life doesn’t make me happy. It’s OK to never want to see Jane again. It doesn’t make me weak or a failure or a quitter or that she’s won. That’s how I feel today and it makes me feel good.

I can still hear my family’s and jane’s and other oxford people’s words in my ears, but then the most important thing is to be happy, be a good person, and try to make a difference, try to make the world that bit better even if for a second, that’s what I think. So I’m not going to beat myself up about it.

I think it will take a while before I get my mojo back but just now it’s good to acknowledge that jane aint right and I can be me without worrying about what other people will think. It’s weird, I’m more worried about quitting my PhD than my marriage…

check’s CDV‘s post today for the cutest babynmummy ever! thanks for the curry and the baby hugging!


7 thoughts on “Guess what

  1. You’re welcome!
    And you are right, it is ok to not continue with your PhD. I think it is braver to admit you don’t want to do it than to keep at it making yourself unhappy.

  2. I Sinead said it best. I have known a lot of people who have hated their PhD work (not in the biblical sense, of course), but have not had the cojones to quit. Everything else in their life suffers because they are so miserable and they just don’t see it. I’m glad that you did.

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