Hey, i’m tucked up in bed just now, lap top on my lap, hot water bottle, 2 duvets and a student bedroom with no double glazing and bloody freezing! Have to get a front light on my bike, it broke the other day and I hate cycling without one. Called C’s family last night, I like talking to them, I like family, I wonder if they think I’m weird sometimes though…

Was at my gyno training tonight, watched a movie and played with a plastic pelvis used by medical students and got to take a speculum home. nice. And I got to ask stupid questions like if the average length of a vagina is 4 inches what if you have sex with someone with a big cock where does it go? yeah, showed them who knew what. me = despite thinking i’ve had quite a bit of sex, I am still totally naive and didn’t even really know the difference between vagina and cervix. well now I do, in high definition colour. we got to eat chocolate biscuits too.

One problem, the girl i’m training with has found out she’s pregnant, 2 days ago. so if she can’t carry on either it will be me alone or they’ll postpone the training, either way it’s bad for me, I want the money! and I actually find it well interesting , you get to ask questions you never normally would (i.e. what does the cervix feel like? apparently it’s gonny feel like a nose…yeah. a nose) and be educated in gyno medicine. So it’s all good.

Tomorrow going running after work. Bought some M&S heeled shoes for work tonight too, but I really want some big heels to wear on a night out, like these, but i just dont know if I’ll be able to walk in them, wear them at other times, kill myself or look stupid. Any ideas?

Listening to Late Night Love on the radio just now, quality tunes- Eternal Flame by The Bangles at the minute!

night night xxx


4 thoughts on “Hey

  1. Love the shoes. Totally awesome. You could wear them all the time and anywhere. Esp. at the pool. 🙂 Seriously, though. I DO love the shoes.

  2. BTW–did I ever tell you that every time I read your blog I end up singing that damned Abba song in my head all day? LOL

  3. Not me! But I am singing a teacher version of ‘Eternal Flame’

    “Close your mouth,
    put up your hand,
    Do you hear me screaming?
    Do you understand?
    Do you feel my pain?
    Tell me are you leaving?
    Why is this student
    An infernal

    Shoes? Love em. I once deadened the nerve in my middle two toes by wearing shoes like that for a big night out. Took a week to get the feeling back.

    Gynie stuff? Cool!

  4. The transition from female anatomy to chocolate biscuits is just one of the reasons that I’ll miss you when we move! You must keep this up so I can keep up with your mentalist ravings.

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