Friday night

Hello peeps

Just been out for dinner and now looking forward to getting into bed with electric heater and hot water bottle and reading a good book, staying awake for another two hours then calling C. Got loads to do this weekend, especially tomorrow, so don’t know if I’m looking forward to it or not… but definitely looking forward to C back next week! In the end I got a different pair of shoes, ones that are even harder to walk it, and probably only wear twice, because the shop assistant told me they suited me better and when wearing my original choice I looked like I was wearing some shoes the hospital prescribed me… let me know what you think.
This week at work it’s been going OK, just when I dont have much to do it can get boring… and I worry about the affect on my ass of sitting on a chair eating chocolate biscuits all day long, but i’m much happier fat ass or no fat ass.

Was thinking today at work about what makes a good person, and these are the traits I think for me make a good person, whether I’d like the person or not I can’t say, but what other characteristics do you think make a good person? I’d be interested in knowing.

Not in any order. Just got me thinking, think it was a crossword clue that did it…!

Googling the same thing led me to two quotes that I’ll put here too, which really mean that you can’t define what I’m looking for
“There is so much good in the worst of us, an so much bad in the best of us”
” A continuum is easier to deal with than specifics “

I hope all goes well when C is back, but I’ve decided not too worry too much. What will be will be. And I’ve decided to not say yes to everything and try to be what I think it’s a good idea to be, to try to stop putting so much pressure on myself. Like I’ve got a lot to do tomorrow, so although my friend wants to go swimming and have brunch at 10am, I gotta go to the lab and clean up before, then go to opticians for 2 hrs after, then meet a friend for shopping, then work in the pub 6- midnight. So I might just call her and say it’d be too tiring to fit everything in so maybe we can go for a walk and coffee instead? or meet another day? This may seem like basic stuff to those who read this blog but too often I’m complaisant and try to please everyone and end up getting stressed out and tired. I would quite like some time by myself to sort out things, e.g the 50 letters from home that have accumulated over the past 6 months that my mum decided to send individually to me all on one day. I think I’ll wait til Sunday to open them.

Read over an old diary of mine the other day, may post some excerpts from it here. I was in a not very good place then, and it’s a bit embarassing reading it and thinking what was I doing, but then it makes me feel good that I did eventually come out of that bad relationship, even if it took me 2 years to do it.

Hope you’ve all had a good week, and have a great weekend. Will someone who has a better grasp of the English language tell me what characteristic of a good person can be descibed in one word instead of writing “being genuine”. thanks.


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