Haven’t posted in a while: i spend all day on the computer at work so dont feel so much like going online when home. Also C is back living with me so not much time to be alone, although yesterday I had 15 mins of listening to 80s cheese while doing girly things like plucking my eyebrows while I said to give me some time while he made the dinner. It is good to have some time on your own. Went for a run before then with my friend, that’s good for clearing your head out too.

Birthday was good, saw lots of friends and drank a lot but not too much, exchanged my shoes for the ones I wanted and bought some new trainers which are better than in the picture which looks distorted to me as it’s probably some boy size like 12 whereas I am only a size 5 and it looks well better on me. Well…..

Off to gyno again tonight, this time to watch the previous ‘teaching associates’ in action. bet it will not be anywhere near as fun as it sounds. When I get nervous i laugh though which is not very appropriate in this situation. The other girls I’ve met seem nice though, one girl told a story about how she fancied one of the medical students and how it was a bit awkward. yeah, must be strange chatting up some guy while undressed from the waist down with your legs in stirrups…

Off to the boro this Easter, will meet some of Mikey’s friends i haven’t met before, including some very good female friends. I’m a bit apprehensive, i guess I am worried i wont match up or that they will be WAY hotter than me or that they will hate me. My husband didnt have many female friends. Infact he didnt have many friends at all. Maybe it’s jealousy… i dont like being insecure though that’s mainyl what it is, I get this weird feeling in my stomach. I’m going to cut it out- you canny make anyone love you and getting het up about it stresses you out, your boyfriend out and you’ll come across as a moody whack job to anyone you meet. better to just be yourself and have fun and not care too much, what you gonna do if they are hot? cry about it? get plastic surgery? throw beer over them? whatever it doesnt really matter, just wish that stupid stomach feeling would go away!

Thinking about future career options too, emailed a forensic lab my Cv today and also got in touch through the oxford Careers network with some guy who graduated Oxford and now works in the police. He is like the head of the police force of some county so quite a big shot and gave me his number to call as well as some advice. Sounds quite good with career progression, different areas you can get into…

Only thing is I wouldnt say I always follow the straight and narrow life so might have to not tell anyone I was joining the polis, and also I don’t think i would enjoy being a bobby on the beat getting urinated on by drunks and hurled abuse at on a daily basis, which you have to do for 2 years before being promoted. Also it might turn me into some jobsworth holier than though… but I do like public sector work. Would like to get involved with SOCA (Serious Organised Crime) or CEOP (Child exploitation and online protection).

Oh well it’s fun having time to think. Also my cropped hair is growing on me. C got me a cool necklace with jigsaw pieces on it and a ring filled with blue liquid for my birthday. I like weird, bright coloured things!

Ok, I am determined to write about films and books and music and news soon, but right now this is my online diary and I am being self absorbed about me…

I am actually reading a book just now (albeit a shite one) the first I’ve read in ages so hopefully will be able to blog it soon, as well as some music if I ever get onto the comp and iTunes at home!


4 thoughts on “Sleepy

  1. It sounds like you have had a fab couple of days. I am glad to hear it. Anytime you find the time to read a book, be it a shite book or not, is a good good thing.

  2. “I like weird, bright coloured things!”

    So does my infant son. Missing you at work these my last few days.

  3. Hi Mate! Have been trying not to spend all my time vicariously living other people’s lives…but miss it 😀
    You really are branching out aren’t you? Police? Forensics? Sounds like the world is your oyster. And your bloke’s back!!! It’s a brave new world. Happy belated birthday and have a great easter. Don’t overdo the Creme Eggs 🙂

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