at work

I’m at work now but have been wanting to blog for ages- I just haven’t had the time home alone to do so, so I’ll just post a quick one in my lunch hour.

This weekend it snowed in Oxford and me and C went for a long walk up the canal through jericho and took some nice photos which hopefully I’ll upload later. It is strange- Thursday was the hottest day of the year so far and you felt that summer was on the way then you have yesterday, waking up to a blanket of white and wearing scarves and gloves and wrapping up warm. As we walked past the houseboats you could smell the scent of frying bacon and wood stoves and it smelt lovely but very wintry. Today, back at work, the remnant of snow are sliding off the roofs behind me but the sun is shining brightly and there’s a spring time feeling again.

I feel bad/low about some things this week- my friend D has moved to sunnier clines and I’ll miss him and his perverse humour. I received a letter from my ex-father-in-law and it made me sad as i think the break up affected them more than me. A girl wanted to meet up with me but I dont like her that much although she’s a good person, and i said no. and i think she took it badly.

I feel good for something too, I helped with the cricket club fence painting at the weekend, I had a good night with good food that I cooked with C and I finished my helpline training.

I also got my tooth fixed, which is good, but also bad as the dentist has changed it’s shape so it is right against my front tooth and I cant get floss between them anymore as they are as tight as some similie that I am too tired to think up. Grrr my teeth are a mess just like any patriotic British Citizen’s should be. Grrr


5 thoughts on “at work

  1. Dude, did you have another friend move away? That’s got to suck 😉

    I am missing Oxford – or at least some of the people there. The snow would have been cool!

  2. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the houseboats in the snow.
    Be thankful its only your teeth that are a mess. 😦

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