Poppy Shakespeare

I thought I would blog about something other than myself for once. Again I’m at work so can’t post any pics or links so will just have to type.

I saw this film about 2 weeks ago on Channel 4, it’s about a mental hospital in London and the going on within it- how the patients go there during the day but go home at night. They are scared of being discharged. The staff are scared of the patients and only want to meet government targets.

A new patient, Poppy Shakespeare, is introduced to the group and swears there is nothing wrong with her, but in order to be discharged she has to qualify for ‘mad money’ to pay for a lawyer, but if she’s not crazy, then she can’t get mad money, so cant leave the hospital. All a bit catch 22.

I liked it, though my boyfriend found it depressing, as it makes you think about waht ebing sane Vs insane is all about, and how fine the balance is. It makes you think about what care the UK provides for people with mental illnesses and if it really helps people or not. It makes you think if just visiting a mental institution can send you insane.

It had some nice music in it and I liked the shots of london and the transformation of the people within it. It’s based on a book by Clare Allen, who spent time in a mental ‘institution’ herself- you can read an interview with the author (which is much more insightful than my opinion) here: http://www.bloomsbury.com/Authors/microsite.asp?id=1059&section=1&aid=1487


3 thoughts on “Poppy Shakespeare

  1. Sounds a bit ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest’ to me. Also, remember that film with Dudley Moore as the advertising exec who goes voluntarily into an institution and ends up getting the inmates to write ‘honest ads’? Metamucil: Use it or get bowel cancer.
    Pan Am: Crashes a lots less than other airlines.
    There is a lot to be said for that fine line between sanity and insanity.

  2. It was an OK book. Did we not give it to you? We saw that show on the day before we left Oxford. I’m starting to feel a little bit nuts myself right now.

  3. Hellooooooooo! (spoken with Scottish accent)
    Just popping in to say Hi and that I am hoping to catch up with Chris if not late in the week then on the weekend. Bet they are wishing they could catch up with you at the moment. Sounds like they are doing it hard.

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