Wet and Windy in the West Country

Ok, it’s not the West Country, it’s Oxfordshire, but I felt like writing it.

I hardly get a chance to get to blogger as like now, when at work, I can’t do formatting and it put me off, and when I get home, after a day spent staring at a monitor, I don’t really like to turn the computer on.

At the weekend went on a long walk near a village that had a museum of Tom Brown’s Schooldays. I haven’t read the book but a new charity shop has opened up right beside my work and it happened to have the book for 50p, bargain. Hopefully will get round to reading it at some point.

Went to a police recruitment event last night, considering applying though the application process seems pretty tough. It is well paid with good job security and other benefits and you can go into so many different areas along with learning lots of new things… only problem is you have to deal with chavs on the beat for 2 years, arguing over who stole their bottle of bucky or whatever the equivalent is in Engelande.

Learnt about theft though- if you honestly believe someone wouldnt mind you taking something, or you think it is not possible to contact the owner, or you believe something is rightfully yours, then it’s not theft. I honestly thought he wouldnt mind me taking his BMW…

That reminds me, there’s been an advert in the saturday magazine that comes with the Guardian advertising for suit trousers for men- you know the sort, EXCELLENT quality and EXCELLENT comfort GUARANTEED all this for only 3 monthly payments of £29.99!!!
In the advert is a picture of man wearing said suit, holding a hat, leaning against a red rolls royce with a stately home in the background. In small type at the bottom of the picture it says ‘car not included’. Well, that dashed my hopes! And what does that mean, is the house included, or the hat? what about the man himself?

Downloaded a practice application form for the police, how am I supposed to know my met-only-once father’s address and the dates and places of birth and addresses of all the children he’s fathered? no idea… maybe I can write a letter explaining the situation. and for partner/spouse, do i put my husband, my boyfriend, or both? they want to look up the criminal record of all known associates… Reminds me my family is not straightforward…. the same goes for my employment and residence history… it’s not going to be a straight forward application.


4 thoughts on “Wet and Windy in the West Country

  1. Ah but you’re worth it. If that’s what you really want to do. 🙂
    Nothing I ever fill in is straightforward. I’m kind of proud of that actually. In a sick sort of way.
    Oh and I TOTALLY thought he wouldn’t mind you taking his BMW too. Or three.

  2. Hubbie and I constantly laugh (or cry) about the fact that NOTHING in our lives is ever straight forward. It may take some time to get it done, but if it something that you really want it will be worth it.

  3. Dude, you don’t blog at home because you’re too busy shagging hairy northerners.

    Things are getting better here, but still a bit weird and some things I don’t like at all. We’ll get there.

    I think you would be a cool cop except you’ll get stabbed by some chav English kid and then what?

    They have chavs in Aus.

    Going to see Arizaphale tomorrow. COol, huh?

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