I still don’t have internet at home because BT/ Talktalk / Virgin Media are all a pile of crap. hopefully something in the next fortnight.
update on my life:
1. C got drunk and pissed the bed on saturday night. it’s nice being woken up by wet warm stuff from your boyfreinds crotch. NOT
2. I had an interview for a biology company for a molecular job and the interview went ok but I dont know if i want the job. not really….
3. got an interview for 999 control centre with police on tuesday looking forward to it
4. cycling everyday its fun in the sun
5. got my hair cut
6. taking driving lessons – just a few – to remind me how to drive cos aint driven in 4 years and C’s parents are giving us their old car
7. it’s sunny today
8. things are good


2 thoughts on “Update

  1. If you can say life is good after having been pissed on, you are definitely an optimist.

    That’s why you rock.

  2. It’s telling that you seem more excited about the call centre job! Glad to see you back on the blogwaves. I hope you made him change the sheets….

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