Update again

so got a job- editorial assistant for a wesbite company thing… will hopefully leanr some new skills but I dont see it as a career choice…

also had a lovely time this weekend with C everything was just, well, swell.

am going to hopefully get a proper website soon that I cant edit in HTML and everything, so here’s hoping http://www.strangescottishgirl.com aint been taken yet!


3 thoughts on “Update again

  1. Do you think they’re going to teach you spelling your new job? Because that would be good.

    Very pleased for you on the job front – well done! Is it in Ox or Lon?

  2. hahahaha he beat me to it! bastard smartarse yank…..

    sounds like a great move to me but what about the helpline? you not seeing that as a long term calling? Glad you had a nice weekend 🙂

    love seeing your comments on my site btw!

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