Hello peeps
thank you for being so patient when lately I have not got round to writing anything very much. I hope this will change soon but just to let you know
– just about finished my first week of work, it seems OK don’t want to judge it yet, but a lot of information and my brain is a bit fried. I stare at a computer screen all day so that’s one of the reasons I don’t feel like turning the ol’ Mac on when i get home. But Macs do rule
-going to the gym and doing more exercise which is good as I have more time now seeing I dont have to cycle 45 mins to work nowadays
– not seeing friends so much as not in Oxford now- living in Abingdon has its benefits and it is only 20mins on the bus to Oxford but it just makes it harder to meet people and sometimes I feel bad about that. I don’t seem to have hardly any free time (another reason I’ve not been updating) and am really looking forward to a holiday. I say yes to lots of things without realising saying yes to a night in with a magazine and a mate is quite productive too, in other ways.
– I’m off up to home (Scotland) in 9 days and then to C’s parents too, hopefully both will be nice weather, nice food, and nice people. I miss Scotland a lot, the village and the people. I fit in better in some ways, I’m used to the culture and am more intuitive with what people are meaning when they talk or move a certain way than down here. But then again I may just think i am and when I go home i’ll realise how much of an outsider I am.

Hope to blog properly soon, thanks for all your comments! And a question- how many hobbies do you have? do they prevent you from just chilling? is it only me that fills every hour and never has a minute to wonder ‘what shall i do tonight’, who once finished doing the many activities she makes herself do, has only free time in which to clean and tidy and sort out bills?

moan moan moan, but things good really, just tired tired tired xxx


4 thoughts on “Sleepeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey

  1. Hobbies
    blogging, scrap booking, sewing, knitting, embroidery, gym, slepeing,reading,playing piano; then there’s the ones I don’t do any more
    skiing, tap dancing, karate, probably more that I can’t think of now.

    Chillin’? Do plenty of that. Just don’t do the hobbies enough. Except blogging.

  2. Excuse, bloody excuses. You didn’t get a degree from the 2nd best uni in the world by making bollocks excuses. I need my dose of mental on a more regular basis.

  3. Thanks for your comment over at my place. I replied so I’ll post that here in case you don’t get back to see my follow-up.

    SSG: I wondered what you meant for a minute there but have checked the site and see what you mean. I think this will be ok as, knowing my Y10s, they will not actually see that little message at the bottom. They tend to be overwhelmed by print and a word they can’t read or don’t understand they are more likely to disregard than investigate. Hell, they usually disregard the question……!

  4. I still owe about $600 on my macbook, which is a heavy burden on my mind, but I do love it.

    I think it would be so awesome to visit Scotland. Or really any place outside of the US, haha. I’ve never been anywhere else.

    Hobbies…let’s see….
    I like to play guitar, skateboard, surf the internet, and do design and illustration work. I wish I would spend more time creating artwork and playing guitar, actually. Most of the time I just get burnt out at school, so when I get home I just sit around and watch movies, or other things that are equally as worthless.

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