The person I want to be…

The person I want to be…
doesn’t care if she’s scared but uses it to her advantage, tries new things and goes for it. She doesn’t care what people think and is true to herself. She does her best to be a good person, isn’t mean for the sake of it and tries not to hurt others.
The person I want to be looks cool, has tattoos and her own quirky style, wears things that makes her happy, looks good and is confident.
The person I want to be balances following her dreams and planning for the future, is a good cook but isn’t a snob. She can do the Times crossword but also likes reading novels by Kate Atkinson. She dances and laughs whenever she gets a chance, has learnt to box, stays fit and likes working up a sweat.
The person I want to be is in a relationship with a good, honest man. A gentle giant who is funny, clever and makes me want to be a better person. He likes that she is a bit crazy and makes the world a bit more interesting. He makes her feel safe and loved and is happy to go along with random spur-of-the-moment ideas but is able to calm her down when she needs grounded.
The person I want to be is strong, emotionally and physically. She is a good friend, and puts others first. She is reliable. She doesn’t let people bully her and stands up for herself. She is good at putting her point across and acts rationally.
The person I want to be likes having fun and letting her hair down, but doesn’t cave to peer pressure but is who she wants to be. She isn’t scared to say no, or say yes. She is in control of her own actions and doesn’t feel bad about being her. She likes herself and is nice to herself and doesn’t beat herself up about things.
The person I want to be is successful in her working life, she might run her own business or is happy going to work. She doesn’t get the Sunday night blues. She still has time in her life to be creative, maybe making homecrafts and selling them. She has had some articles published either online or in a magazine.
She lives in a nice old apartment, with big windows and wooden floors and cool style. An old telephone, a comfy sofa, a big bed and some typographic prints.
The person I want to be has visited the world, seen many things, lived dangerously, toughed it out and reaped the rewards. She doesn’t cave when things get hard, and could be a good role model or mentor.

I’m not there yet, but I am trying.


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