Just back from a long weekend at home. Nice to get fresh air and soft water, see mountains and the sea and hug my family. Its strange with my mum tho, she is like a child and gets stroppy if i want to see othet family or disagree with her, she never hugs me or kisses me, i always have to do it to her, an if i didnt she would take offence. I called her now to tell her i got home safely. “night night mum, love you, bye” i say. “will speak to you another time” is all she says. And i feel like she does it on purpose- she had a long drive back after dropping us at the airport, and somehow that has made her annoyed with me, like a child. Sigh. Sometimes i want to go home and have a mum who gives you a hug and says it will all be ok and thinks youre great, rather than a mum who finds you annoying and likes your sister better. 😦


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