Things I like about my boyfriend:

1. His smile, his smell
2. His kindess and compassion
3. He is an excellent house mate and very fun to do things with
4. He gives the best hugs EVER
5. He cares a lot for me and is always kind
6. He understands when I am stressed or grumpy
7. He likes to dance

Things I dislike about being in a relationship with my boyfriend:
(I was going to put things I dislike about him but there is not much I don’t like- things that stress me are always external but associated with him)
1. His ex wife
2. Those of his children that I think are not nice people and can be mean and would never want them in my life but have to cos they are related to him
3. That if I settle down with him the above will always be in his life and thus will always be in mine AND I CANT STAND IT

Literally apart from that I could say I don’t like it when he is grumpy (who does) and he gets stressed by things I don’t which I find hard to deal with and that I wish he was a bit funnier but I’m trying hard to come up with these things as opposed to the heebiejeebies I get when any of the above two things are mentioned/ call / make their presence known.

I either have to suck it up and get on with it (I knew when we started going out he had an ex wife and kids but i hoped we would get along…) or… or what? Tell him I don’t want to be with him cos his baggage upsets me? That he has horrible people in his life I don’t want associated with mine and hence I want out? It’s not like he can change their behaviour. Gah, life is simpler when you are single!


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